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Custom Lighting Design

Arkansas Lighting is a family-owned custom lighting manufacturer for the hospitality and commercial industries. Our heritage is rooted in Van Buren, Arkansas, where we manufacture, assemble, and finish many of our products. We’re one of the few companies in the USA to manufacture its own shades and oversized pendants, offering our customers endless possibilities.
With years of experience and unparalleled client support, we have streamlined our custom lighting design process to guarantee quality workmanship, seamless production, and stress-free delivery, all within our budget. Need custom hospitality or commercial lighting? Contact us today, and let us help your ideas shine.

Timelines for Custom Commercial & Hospitality Lighting

Custom lamps are a significant part of our business at Arkansas Lighting. Most of the time it takes about a week to turn around a new drawing and price quote for a new design. We make custom pendants in Arkansas, a process which usually takes 4–6 weeks. Other lamp types use a blend of domestic and imported parts and typically have a 14+ week turnaround time.

We make custom pendants one at a time, so there is no minimum order. For other lamp types, there is typically a minimum order quantity of 50–100 pieces depending on the nature of the lamp. We would love to help you with your new custom design!



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