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All About Arkansas Lighting

Arkansas Lighting was founded in 1972 as Arkansas Lamp Manufacturing. We are a family owned business that focuses primarily on sales to the hospitality industry and related businesses such as multi-family and long-term care.  We have existing contracts with the Air Force and we are approaching the 20-year anniversary of our GSA contract.

Our modern facility is based in Van Buren, Arkansas with approximately 120,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse and shipping space. Total employee count varies seasonally, but is typically 60-70 people. We have many long-term employees who have been with the company for 15, 20, even 25 years. Our central location reduces shipping time and expense to anywhere in the U.S.


Why Arkansas Lighting?

Our heritage is manufacturing and we still make, finish, and assemble 40%-50% of our products in our Arkansas facility, including almost all our shades and oversized pendants. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in new facilities and equipment in the past few years to support our domestic manufacturing capabilities.

The world has changed, however, and Arkansas Lighting has changed with it. We no longer manufacture everything in the United States. More than half of our business is now all about managing long and complex supply chains. However, our manufacturing operations can backstop our imports, correcting problems and customizing existing products without long lead times from China.


Our warehouse is filled with stocked items for many hospitality lighting programs and lighting of our own design. Turnaround times for stocked items start at two weeks. Our standard turnaround time, including for items manufactured in Arkansas, is 4-6 weeks.

Custom lighting is a key part of our business. We develop new designs weekly for custom quotes, special orders, new lighting packages, etc. Standard turnaround time for custom quotes is one week. Samples coming from China will typically take 5-6 weeks if the client covers the cost of air freight. Mass production lead times are typically 14-16 weeks. We build custom pendants here in Arkansas up to 72” in diameter! We have hundreds of material choices and the options are constantly growing. There is no minimum order quantity for custom pendants.



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